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Body Race Online

About Body Race Online

Body Race Online is a game that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle. Collect some nutritious, green vegetables, choose a game mode and start playing.

You can choose what your future body will look like while playing Body Race Online. Similar to how actions in real life have consequences, the actions you take in this game will have an effect on the outcome you encounter. Just making an effort to make your choice based on as much data as possible will yield the most effective results. Do you believe you can control your emotions and choose the healthiest actions for you?

You will have several opportunities to steer the story in a positive direction throughout the gameplay of this game. On each of the different types of platforms opened to you, you will discover many options to choose from. There will be times when you just want to eat unhealthy foods like burgers, ice cream and coke, and other times when you can eat vegetables and other nutritious foods. When you select an icon to go through, your character will use the item in question, but you must select this symbol to happen. This is the single most important criterion that will be used to determine if you progress to the next level.

Because progressing through levels requires you to maintain a certain weight, you'll have to make choices about how much food your character consumes to maintain a healthy diet. Always choose healthier options when you are eating out, and adding extra icons to exercises will help your character lose a few pounds. Test yourself if you can resist the temptation and see if you can take it to the next level by hitting your target weight!


  • Vivid and three-dimensional graphics.
  • There are many different levels to go through.
  • The levels are not only fun but also hard to drop.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Activation lock for hotspot.

How to play

The movements of the characters and the purchase of various items can be controlled using the mouse that came with your personal computer.


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