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Bob The Robber 2

About Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2 is the sequel, you play as the main character and save the town again by stealing some money, be careful with the challenges.

Experience an exciting journey full of new challenges in Bob The Robber 2! It seems all the other heroes are preoccupied with other matters, despite the fact that the city is in danger. This time, Bob is in charge of putting everything in order. In this stealth and theft adventure, you have to assist a local thief in his quest to rescue the city. Cloak and dagger time!

It's not unheard of for a thief to save the city, and Bob's job is not unusual too often. He is overjoyed at the opportunity to use his kleptomaniac propensities for good, and with your help he will be able to eradicate all evil. Get ready to see the city from a vantage point like you've never seen it before. There are a total of ten unique levels in Bob The Robber 2, each with a variety of obstacles like guards, cameras, trap doors, and more! To go to the next level, you must first complete the objective of the current level.

In most cases, this involves taking a certain object without being detected by the police. The route to the goal of the level will be obstructed by closed doors, pedestrian guards in the area and surveillance cameras. To open the door, all you need to do is use your select key. The process of getting past the patrolling guards was made somewhat more difficult. Hide in the dark until you see an opening, then suddenly a guard is patrolling the area from behind and knocks him unconscious. Surveillance cameras have their own problems. Each has a blind spot just below the point where the camera rotates. You can avoid detection if you remain in this blind zone and do not move at all while you are there.

In areas monitored by surveillance cameras, there will also be dark shadows that you can hide. Once you have successfully navigated the camera, the next obstacle, the electronic door, will appear before your eyes. To unlock the doors, you will need to destroy the circuit boards. You'll be happy to know that you can get add ons as you progress through levels, or use the money you discover to buy new add ons from the store. Your success in carrying out this robbery will determine the fate of the city. Can you guarantee that Bob will not be found?


  • A platform puzzle game with new elements.
  • Get some practical items.
  • Overcome diverse opponents and barriers.

How to play

To continue participating in season 2 of Bob The Robber, you still need to use a mouse and keyboard to play, you can also play on your mobile device.


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