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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm

In Apple Worm, entering the portal is the main objective. The first step towards achieving the goal is eating the apple. The fruit seems to be accessible. It's possible that your worm will become stuck in that crevice or tumble down it. Thus, before proceeding farther into the labyrinth, you should have a look at its topology. Some of the brown bricks in the maze are quite basic rectangles, squares, etc. First impressions was that they were haphazardly arranged. The placement of these objects in the labyrinth, although they seem to be helpful tools at first glance, is really designed to trap your worm. Each step must be carefully deliberated in order to eliminate any potential dangers. Find any openings and nooks you may encounter. How about the worm's length? Could it possibly outrun them? You may start a level again by pressing the replay button if you get stuck in a corner or fall into a gap.

When you first start the game, your time to finish might be shown at the top left. There is no time constraint, but you should go as quickly as possible through each level. The game's soundtrack and sound effects may be toggled on and off through the two volume buttons in the game's top left corner.

You probably know that this game has exploded in popularity over the last several years. Numerous streams from all around the globe include it. The game has been getting rave reviews because of its innovative design. It is well-known for a number of unique qualities in addition to the difficulties it presents. Let's have a look at what makes Apple Worm unique.

You may check out the best players of the day, week, month, and year on the respective leaderboards. Undoubtedly, the greatest difficulty is in becoming the all-time leader. Each category's worth of information will be shown separately. Therefore, the best players from the recent past, the present, and the future will all be found at level 1. You may also check their one-level instructions and estimated time of completion. If you want your name to appear on the top scorer's list, you'll need to provide your username. Try your best to complete the task at hand as quickly and easily as possible.


  • Free full-version access to the game
  • Several intriguing levels
  • Simple controls
  • Humorous music, creative visuals

How to play

  • Use Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • R key to play again.


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