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3D Rubik

About 3D Rubik

3D Rubik is a puzzle game with rubik's cube according to your interests, you need to apply thinking to participate in intellectual challenges.

Prepare to boost your brain while having the greatest fun ever with 3D Rubik! We guess you are familiar with Rubik's cubes because of their widespread popularity. With the help of this cube, a tricky puzzle game, you try to arrange the colors in a specific order. You will surely enjoy the most when you understand the principle of the game.

The Rubik's Cube consists of 26 small cubes, each rotating about a common axis. These little cubes, in the colors white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow, form rows. Your goal is to fill each face of the cube with only one color of the small cubes.

Place squares of the same color as close together as you want. The game ends after all the faces of each piece have the same color. To move the rows, drag the mouse around the cube. By sliding the area around the cube, you can also flip the whole object upside down or left to right. Click the play button if you're ready to jump into the puzzle frenzy right away.

How to play game

Use your mouse to join this game!


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